We asked our guests what was that special something that added value to their holiday at the San Marco.  The location, services, good food, the beach, comfort are all very important, but none of these was the answer.

What really makes the difference for our guests is the staff. 

Do you think it’s surprising? Maybe so, but if you think about it, it’s obvious. It’s never things, but people who add value to what we experience every day: the people we meet, the ones we love, those who look after us or with whom we dream. 

What does all this mean? It means a special staff will make your holiday special. Discrete, prepared, professionals who at the same time are happy smiling and friendly. A staff who cares about you!

Here at the San Marco, we have always believed in the value of people and have created a unique format that characterises us and will make your holiday different from all the others: the WeCare format is made of four essential elements.