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on holiday with your family

on holiday with your family


Children love hotel San Marco and families love Cattolica.

Here are all the ingredients to create new, exciting family memories to cherish forever.

On Cattolica’s beach

Every child in the world has tons of fun playing on the sand and in the sea. And there’s an added bonus: did you know that breathing in the sea air is very good for your health? It’s rich in iodine, magnesium, potassium and other precious mineral salt. Breathing it in is like having a natural nebuliser purifying your respiratory tract.

On Stella Marina beach, your children can also have fun thanks to all the activities organised by the entertainers, such as group dancescreative labs and tournaments.

Then there’s Cattolica itself, which waves its green flag with pride: according to paediatricians, Cattolica beach is suitable for children. Clean and shallow water near the shore, sand to build castles and towers, lifeguards and lifeboats, games and space to change nappies or breastfeed.

At the hotel

Here at the San Marco hotel, there’s a colourful and safe play area. In summer, at lunch and dinner time, our babysitters come and join us.

The babysitters prepare the dinner table so everyone can enjoy lunch together. For children up to the age of 10, lunch at the miniclub is free of charge.

In the evening, after having dinner with mummy and daddy, it’s back to the mini club for fun in the creative labs or team games.

All the services you will find for your children:

  • camp beds with a mattress and linen
  • changing tables
  • night lights
  • a small bath tub
  • side rails
  • high chairs
  • cutlery, cups and plates for children
  • single-use bibs
  • bikes with child seats

And what about food? Located in the dining room, there’s a kitchen space open 24/7, for you to prepare  baby food and heat up bottles. It is equipped with induction hobs, a microwave, blender, extra-virgin olive oil, small pasta, Parmesan, vegetable broth and vegetable purées prepared fresh every day by our chef.

Exploring the area

The children of today are the travellers of tomorrow and you are the first person to accompany them as they discover the world.

Around us, there are so many beautiful and suggestive spots that will leave you breathless.

You can take them to Gradara castle for the afternoon, where they will learn about its enchanting story. They’ll experience the magical atmosphere of the Middle Ages as they wander along the narrow streets of the hamlets and explore the rooms of the castle.

Now you can make them feel like the king of the county, while admiring the endless horizon from the majestic castles of San Marino.

You can let them hear the voice of nature by accompanying them on along a scenic trail on San Bartolo mountain; from here, you can see the entire coast and take a beautiful family photo.

Then there’s the theme parks, that us adults still go wild for. AquafanFiabilandiaMirabilandiaItalia in Miniatura and our very own theme parkCattolica Aquarium, where the children might even see the sharp teeth of a shark for the very first time.