There are many ways to improve our planet. Some are simple, daily gestures. Others are more substantial labours of love.

We are happy to have found something that offers both our guests and the Earth a gift:

in 2021, we are inaugurating our forest: an expanse cocoa trees in Cameroon, Africa.


Why a tree? Why Treedom?

Let’s choose a tree

When every family leaves our hotel, a farmer will plant a cocoa tree in Cameroon and will take care of it. Our tree will be photographed and geo-localized.

Let’s follow its story

Our tree will have its own online page that we will share with you. Over time, we’ll share what the tree contributes to.

We support a community of farmers

The fruits of our tree will belong to the farmer who takes care of it; he can use the produce as food or to support his own income.

We contribute to making the world a greener place

As it grows, our tree will absorb CO2, protecting the soil and biodiversity.


Our plan is to plant at least 1,500 trees, compensating for 8250 kg of CO2.

For a world that is…

☻ greener, like a tree

☻ sweeter, like cocoa

☻ happier, like the farmer and his family.