We love you, Earth

For a while now, it has become clear that we can no longer live on this planet without taking care of it.

We love the Earth. And we need to show it love every day, whether we are performing big and small actions. So, one step at a time, we are committing to making the San Marco hotel a more sustainable place.

♥ At the end of every guests’ holiday, we plant a cocoa tree in our company forest in Cameroon thanks to a project in collaboration with Treedom

♥ We adopted a beehive in Emilia Romagna, with 10.100 bees! Discover our company Beehive

♥ Our electric energy comes from completely renewable energy sources

♥ Thanks to our solar panels, we have created a new source of renewable energy

♥ 80% of our lighting is low cost

♥ We have reduced our use of plastic. Our takeaway packaging is made of recyclable organic material

♥ The welcome set in the room is made of paper containers or refillable containers

♥ We have reduced our meat consumption. Thanks to this new formula, a careful assessment of our consumption, and incorporating more fish and vegetable options on the menu, we have reduced our meat consumption by 15%

♥ We recycle all our waste

♥ We try to lost as many local products which are in season as possible

♥ Seasonal vegetables are organic and locally sourced