The dinner

A buffet that becomes an art piece

A feast for the eyes, take a moment and enjoy what is in front of you.

Look at the rough fresh pasta made with rolling pin. watch the pasta be sautéed and that you will soon taste.

Look at the beautiful desserts, observe them one by one, and relish the moment when they become yours to enjoy.

We love cooking! In Italy the best moments are experienced at mealtime and everyone loves this about our country.

All the dishes follow the rhythm of the seasons and have a strong Romagna identity. All ingredients used are from our territory, we enjoy discovering them, choosing them, and tasting them. For this reason our trusted green grocer is of Cattolica, and has been the same for many years. The cheese and cold cuts come from small local companies. In the wine card we always have new additions from local wineries.

With the buffet choose what you love and enjoy its flexible hours…  because on vacation everyone wishes for more time.