Hotel San Marco Food Offering


For breakfast at Hotel San Marco, you can look forward to…

♥ Home-made cakes and biscuits

Croissants and doughnuts filled with cream

♥ Many types of bread to combine with tasty jams or local cold cuts

♥ Seasonal fruit

Seeds and cereal

Yoghurts and soft mousses

Milk, detox water, tea, coffee and cappuccino

Eggs, bacon, cold cuts and high quality cheeses


The dinner

We love modern things, but we are also unashamedly nostalgic when it comes to all things tasty, home-made, and wholesome. And this is exactly what you will find for dinner.

Home-made pasta, locally-sourced fish and lots of vegetable-based dishes.

Antipasti and cakes galore, and a winery stocked with excellent local wines.

Everything is as natural as possible.


The Gusto bistrot bar

In the bar&bistrot, there’s a truly beautiful atmosphere: it is lush and luminous.

It’s the perfect spot to stop and have a coffee, chat to people or read the newspaper.

You can choose from the menu and enjoy an exquisite lunch, with tasty first courses and wholesome second course meals.

Or you can take something scrumptious away with you and enjoy it under your beach parasol.

You can sip on a refreshing Moscow mule on a sunny afternoon, looking out onto the sea.

Or you could just relax and gaze at the sea.


Good to know:

For some time now, we’ve been working towards a more sustainable type of cuisine. For us, this means choosing our ingredients carefully:

♥ we rely on small local companies for our cold cuts and cheeses

♥ every year, we replenish our selection of organic products

♥ we source meats from non-intensive farms

♥ we have reduced our meat consumption

♥ we purchase locally sourced in season fruit and vegetables